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Usenet FAQ

What is Usenet?

Usenet is an internet service consisting of thousands of newsgroups. Established in 1980 it is one of the oldest forms of computer network communications still actively used today. Users can post to newsgroups and access articles from years ago.

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Signing Up With

Your username and password will be emailed to you within an hour of signing up. Please be sure that any junk email filters are configured to allow mail from

At any time, you can retrieve your login information using our password recovery form. If the password recovery form does not recognize your email address, then either the address contains a typo or the signup process was not completed successfully. In this event, please contact support for assistance.

Getting Started with

Settings required by all clients:

  Server Name:
  Authentication:   required
  Username:         (exactly as it appears on startup email)
  Password:         (both username and password are case sensitive)

Most newsreaders will default to port 119. also accepts NNTP-only connections on ports 23 and 80.

If your client was configured for another service prior to, it will be necessary to download a new list of newsgroups. Also, any groups with previously downloaded headers will need to be refreshed. This can normally be done by unsubscribing and resubscribing to the newsgroup.

How Accounts Are Managed

Accounts automatically renew every month, unless the cancellation form in the Member Center is completed. Cancelled accounts will not be deactivated until the end of the current month.

What are Concurrent Connections / Streams?

Concurrent connections, also known as streams or simply connections, refers to a news client establishing many connections to our servers at the same time. This allows you browse newsgroups while articles are being downloaded, and generally helps saturate your connection completely.

Download Speeds

Download speeds rely primarily on the maximum speed of your service and the route data takes from our servers to your computer. Our service is capable of employing the full bandwidth of most consumer broadband connections, but if you are physically distant from our servers or have any high latency hops, your download speed may diminish.

How Accounts Are Billed

All accounts automatically renew monthly and can be renewed early in our Member Center. Upon renewal, we will bill the credit card on record for the account. If the transaction does not complete successfully, the account will enter a suspended state. It will remain in this state until we are instructed to attempt the transaction again, or when new payment information is entered in the Member Center.

All of your monthly invoices can be viewed in our Member Center.

How Do I Post To A Newsgroup?

Posting is not available on

Customer Privacy and respects the privacy of our customers and we will never sell or release any customer information. does not track articles downloaded or newsgroups accessed by our customers.

Customer information will only be released if presented with a court order from an entity with appropriate jurisdiction.

5-Day Free Trial

The 5-Day Free Trial is available for new customers only. Upon verification of your eligibility, you will have access to five days of uncensored access with 10GB of bandwidth. Headers downloaded are free and do not count towards your download threshold of 10GB. Your credit card will not be charged during the 5-Day Free Trial, however upon expiration of the Free Trial, your credit card will be charged unless you cancel prior to the expiry date. To cancel your membership, simply log into your control panel at and choose "Cancel Account".

Promotional Pricing Plans

Promotional Pricing is available for new customers only. There are 2 plans to choose from, both plans have Unlimited Access and 3+ years of binary retention. The $19.99/month plan with 30 Connections is discounted to $9.99 for the first month. The $14.99/month plan with 15 Connections is discounted to $7.49 for the first month.

How do I configure my SSL encrypted account?

To fully utilize your Premium Encrypted account, you must configure your news reader for 256-bit SSL encryption. Although every news reader is different, you will probably have to make a selection to enable SSL and change your port. SSL ports include 443 and 563, and which you choose is up to you. If you need more information on configuring your news reader to support 256-bit SSL encryption, please check out your news reader's FAQ or contact their support. You may also email our knowledgeable support team who will answer any questions you may have.