Usenet Glossary


The percentage of articles on a Usenet server out of the number of articles that "should" be there.


Posting the same article to two or more newsgroups because the topic of the post is applicable to two or more newsgroups. For example if you were posting in a newsgroup about a problem with your Usenet provider and your Usenet client you might crosspost in both the and newsgroups.


To attack another Usenet user in a post.


The information typically included at the top of a Usenet post which includes but is not limited to the name of the poster, message subject, time of post, and the originating Usenet server.


A type of Usenet feed utilized by Usenet servers to exchange articles.


Either the percentage of missing articles on a Usenet provider's server or a specific article missing from a series of newsgroup posts.


A crazy person posting on Usenet.


A new newsgroup user.

News / Usenet Feed:

Any type of feed used to provide Usenet articles.


Network News Transfer Protocol. This is the basic protocol upon which Usenet is based. NNTP is one of the four pillars of the Internet (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, and NNTP).

Off Topic:

A post in a Usenet newsgroup which does not meet the guidelines of that newsgroups charter. For example, if you were posting your favorite recipes in your post would be off topic.


Sending newsgroup articles posted to one Usenet provider to another. If you post on your Usenet provider and it takes a long time for your newsgroup post to show up on other Usenet providers your Usenet provider may have slow propagation.

Provider (host):

Any entity (commercial, governmental, personal, or non-profit) running a Usenet server or Usenet cluster.


A news feed where the Usenet server downloads articles from a master server generally run by another entity. For example, a small ISP may use a pull feed to populate a caching newsgroup server as opposed to getting a full Usenet feed.


The period of time Usenet articles are stored on a newsgroup server. Retention is a major consideration for people choosing a Usenet provider.


Unwanted, off topic, commercial Usenet posts.


Usenet user who maliciously attacks other Usenet users to start an argument.


Usenet Death Penalty. The refusal of one or more Usenet providers to share articles with another Usenet provider

Usenet Client / News reader / News Client:

Software used to read Usenet newsgroups.